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Does your company...

  • Have date about clients but you don’t really know how to use them?
  • You want to discover and visualize customer path through a process?
  • You want to measure KPIs using full information about your customers using data?
  • You want have inefficient processes and need statistical insights?
  • You are thinking about RPA?

We have a solution for you...

Consulting, Training, Implementation

We will integrate data from various systems and fish out hidden information about business processes and customer paths. We will use process mining to discover, visualize and analize business processes so you can take the best decisions based on data to make your company more effective. We will implement data democratization concept by conducting training for your team and making sure good practices are followed. This way your team will be able to use tools that we build effectively.

We will do all this by using IT tools and systems that you already have in your company. If this happens to be insufficient the we will propose new machine learning or artificial intelligence tools and systems and help you implement them.

Our Selected Projects

Monetization of big data including geolocalisation

Challenge: Big volume of customer data was not used in business context

Solution: We’ve used multiple data sources including geolocalisation to create user profiles and assign business characteristics. Based on this data together with the client we’re creating commercial consumer reports.

Result: Together with the client we’ve created a new business line based on big data

Automation of survey translations for international market research company

Challenge: Translation of surveys into different languages generates additional costs

Solution: We’ve developed an automation tool for combining and managing translations. We’ve used Levenshtein distance to mitigate small difference between similar phrases.

Result: Cost redustion of 70%

Designing architecture for IoT product

Challenge: IoT solution requires IT and technical architecture that uses devices, apps and backends from client and different providers

Solution: We’ve developed data structures and architecture for data storage and flow. Together with client’s team we’ve built a system consisting of IoT device, mobile application, and backend systems from client and providers. We’ve also managed the implentation coordinating different teams.

Result: Working telamatic IoT system that is providing data to various front-ends

Development of Process Mining tool

Challenge: A need for a tool for process vizualization and KPIs

Solution: We’ve developed a Process Mining tool with features like processing, analyzing and visualisation of data. The solution was based on process logs and user data. We’ve included AI features for clasification and prediction.

Result: Our tool enabled easy visualizations of business processes and their KPIs. It allowed to analize workflow and collaboration between whole departments and single users.

Business analysis of telematic service implementation

Challenge: Assesing business potential of a telematic solution required detailed description of business features and market specifics

Solution: We’ve conducted desk research of competition, services, avaiable technologies, electronic devices and communication methods. We’ve analized accessible information and key data.

Result: We’ve prepared a report and a roadmap for the service including features and technical requirements

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