Discover the potential of your data

We specialize in AI/ML, Business Intelligence and Data Engineering

Benefits of data-driven organisation

Greater efficiency

  • Fewer process errors
  • Optimal allocation of employees and resources
  • Lower operational costs

Accurate business decisions

  • Managers have access to factual information on the organisation
  • Better understanding of the market landscape

More sales

    • Better information about the client
    • Customer profiling
    • Sales automation

Risk reduction

  • Increase in controlling capabilities
  • Identification of undesirable activities within the organisation
  • More control over the business environment

Digital maturity

  • Easier use of data in newly implemented IT solutions
  • Readiness to use novel alogrithms

What we do:

Support your data efforts...


We’re implementing
Reporting, Automatisation, Value from data
(P&L, Cashflow, KPI, Process Mining)

Industry 4.0

We’re implementing
Process mining, ML and AI tools
to optimise production and logistics processes

Marketing and Sales

We’re implementing
Process Mining, ML and AI tools
to optimize sale and customer care processes

We also solve your worries in...

Data Management

Master Data, data quality,
data stewardship

Process Mining

Automatic process discovery,
process analysis, optimisation, prediction

Artificial Intelligence

Data modeling, forecasting,
decision support

Our clients about us…

Digital Poland is the most important NGO promoting the Polish artificial intelligence sector. Łukasz Borowiecki, co-founder of 10 Senses, has been the driving force behind our work on AI from the very beginning, among others as a co-author of reports and an expert. We see great value in cooperation with Łukasz and his team and we can confidently recommend them as experts in the area of strategic data usage.

Piotr Mieczkowski

Managing Director, Digital Poland Foundation

The 10 Senses team supported us in the design and development of a new product based on car telematics. During the project they prepared a business outline, and then helped design and develop key elements of dataflow architecture. We still cooperate with 10 Senses and recommend their services in the area of IoT and data management.

Martin Duda

Senior Project Manager, Inter Cars South International Group

10 Senses supported us in the area of geospatial analysis based on big data. They not only provided the output of the analysis but also on a daily basis consulted us regarding the approach to analysing and querying large volumes of data. We recommend 10 Senses as a competent business partner having both the technical and business skills in the area of data processing and analysis.

Dominika Kosińska

Business Development Manager Big Data, T-Mobile

We share the knowledge with the market

Report - Digitalization of invoices in Poland

Raport - Cyfrowe fakturowanie w Polsce
The report Digitalization of invoices in Poland, which we have written together with Digital Poland Foundation and Sage. The report describes the scale at which technologies are used in Polish comapanies and containt practical hints how to best implement digitalization to invoice processes.

Report - Big Data in Poland

The report Big Data in Poland, which we have written together with Digital Poland Foundation and Platforma Przemysłu Przyszłości. The report describes the scale at which data technologies are used in Polish comapanies.

Map of Polish Science in the field of AI

The report Map of Polish Science in the field of AI have been done in cooperation with Digital Poland Foundation and OPI PIB. The report can be donwloaded from the Digital Poland Foundation website.

Guide - Invest in AI in Poland

A short guide telling why it is worth to invest in Artificial Intelligence initiatives in Poland. The guide is available for download from Digital Poland Foundation website.

Map of the Polish AI - 2019

Map of the Polish AI is the most comprehensive study concerning artificial intelligence market in Poland. It contains information about Polish companies providing innovative technology services and products. The map can be downloaded for Digital Poland Foundation website.

Assumptions for AI strategy in Poland

In 2018 we have taken part in developing assumptions for AI strategy in Poland. Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs invited almost 200 experts from various artificial intelligence fields to join this pro bono innitiative.

Review of AI growth strategies at the state level in the world

In 2018 we have cooperated with Digital Poland Foundation and independent experts to analyze steps and strategies for artificial Intelligence advancements that are employed in other countries. The report can be downloaded from Digital Poland Foundation website.