Solutions for Controlling/Managerial Accounting

Does your company need...

  • Preparing controlling reports takes too long?
  • Reporting is mostly manual and wastes a lot of your team’s time?
  • You need to more effectively monitor P&L, Cashflow, KPIs?
  • You want have inefficient processes and need statistical insights?
  • You are thinking about RPA?

We have a solution for you...

Consulting, Training, Implementation

At 10 Senses we will create for you a reporting system giving you access to essential information to manage your company. We will analyze your business processes based on data and give you recommendations how to optimize them. We will implement process mining tools, so your team would be able to continue the initiatives of improving and monitoring processes. We will discover and tackle hidden dependencies using machine learning and artificial intelligence. We will implement the data democratization concept by conducting training for your team and ensure that good practices are followed. This way your team will be able to effectively use the tools that we build.

Thanks to our reporting solutions your controlling team will be freed from tedious work of manually processing and correcting company data. They will be able to focus on addressing business challenges.

We can implement the ETL system using Power BI and if you’ll need to process more data we can throw in safe and efficient Snowflake.


Our Selected Projects

Reporting system for controlling team

Challenge: Reporting based on distributed Excel files requires a lot of time and resources

Solution: We’ve set up ETL process using data processing specific for financial and controlling data. We’ve build dashboard in Power BI and Excel report (using Power BI add-on for Excel) showing detailed tables. Both solutions are connected to common OLAP architecture to speed up analysis and filtering. Both reports can be easily customized by structured Excel files on Sharepoint.

Result: We’ve improved report generation time and at the same time reduced the error rate. Controlling team uses tools that are already known and effective.

BI tool for medical services reporting

Challenge: Stability of financing is based on realisation of medical services with respect to budgeting

Solution: We’ve developed a BI tool with an analytical sashboard and forecasting for medical services. The tool loads data from medical records and uses grouping based on ICD-9 and ICD-10.

Result: Our solution enables precise control of medical services realisation according to previous planning

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Photos by National Cancer Institute and Jonathan Francisca on Unsplash