Solutions for Data Management

Does your company...

  • Have a lot of data but it is spread through various systems and not easily accesible?
  • You have trouble integrating all the data and generate business value?
  • No department or person has the ownership of your data and noone measures data quality?

We have a solution for you...

Consulting, Training, Implementation

In our projects we can include data management aspect and bring data democratization concept to your company. Does it sound too grand? It’s a simple concept that your team knows what data are available to them, they use data daily, and there are no data siloses. All this so you could take the best possible business decisions based on facts. Scott Taylor The Data Whisperer says: “Master Data is the base of Digital Transformation”, we say Data Management as a whole enables Digital Transformation.

To get to know your data we employ data discovery phase. We will help you and your team to understand the data that you have and in which systems are those data stored in. Thanks to workshops and our help your team will gradually implement data culture in your organization.

Selected Projects, which Data Management was a part of…

Power BI Reporting system for controlling team

Challenge: Reporting based on distributed Excel files requires a lot of time and resources

Solution: We’ve set up ETL process using data processing specific for financial and controlling data. We’ve build dashboard in Power BI and Excel report using the same OLAP architecture to speed up analysis and filtering. We’ve helped to streamline processes of creating, managing and consuming data.

Result: We’ve improved report generation time and at the same time reduced the error rate. Out tools and solutions were customized for specific needs of our client

Designing architecture for IoT service

Challenge: IoT solution requires IT and technical architecture that uses devices, apps and backends from client and different providers

Solution: We’ve developed data structures and architecture for data storage and flow. Together with client’s team we’ve built a system consisting of IoT device, mobile application, and backend systems from client and providers. We’ve also managed the implentation coordinating different teams.

Result: Working telamatic IoT system that is providing data to various front-ends

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Photos by Jonathan Francisca, Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash