Solutions using Artificial Intelligence

Does your company need...

  • Automatic text analysis?
  • Detecting product flaws and quality control based on image data?
  • Customer segmentation and it’s explainability?

We have a solution for you...

Consulting, Training, Implementation

We will implement artificial intelligence algorithms for automatic analysis of texts, images or customer data. As part of Process Mining and optimisation we will add prediction and forecasting algorithms. We will help you to translate it all to understandable and usable business language so you could take the best possible decisions based on facts.

In our work we use state of the art advanced analytics and econometric models. We care about the cohesion of business and technical glossaries. We use Natural Language Processing (NLP), image processing, Process Mining and other machine learning algorithms including deep learing. However if the task can be done quickly and accurately enough using just a standard linear model then we will stop there.

Our Selected Projects

Development of Process Mining tool

Challenge: A need for a tool for process vizualization and KPIs

Solution: We’ve developed a Process Mining tool with features like processing, analyzing and visualisation of data. The solution was based on process logs and user data. We’ve included features for clasification and prediction using machine learing.

Result: Our tool enabled easy visualizations of business processes and their KPIs. It allowed to analize workflow and collaboration between whole departments and single users.

Automation of survey translations for international market research company

Challenge: Translation of surveys into different languages generates additional costs

Solution: We’ve developed an automation tool for combining and managing translations. We’ve used Levenshtein distance to mitigate small difference between similar phrases.

Result: Cost redustion of 70%

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Photos by Marvin Meyer, Romain Vignes on Unsplash