Process Mining Solutions for Companies

Does you company need...

  • Automated Process Discovery?
  • Finding bottlenecks and their root cause analysis?
  • Monitoring and KPI for processes?
  • Realtime predictions or resource planning based on data?
  • Custom analysis that are not yet available in commercial process mining tools?
  • You want to implement or have already implemented RPA but you lack objective data about processes?

We have a solution for you...

Consulting, Training, Implementation

We will use process mining supported by machine learning and artificial intelligence to discover in-depth insigths from your data. We will help you with implementation of process mining and will provide technical support as well as share knowledge with your team how to best use those tools. With us you will be able to visualise processes based on data, you will build reference models to find inefficiencies in your business processes.

We will guide you through the phase of Automated Business Process Discovery and building process models. We will conduct data audits to check the maturity of you data for the puprose of process mining. We will conduct conformance checking to see how your real processes adhere to your reference models. We will help you to define custom KPI measures to best monitor processes and RPA initiatives.

If the need arises we will build custom tools for analysis and monitoring processes based on data. We can also conduct training for you and your team on process mining.

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